Michael Vick
Born: June 26th, 1980
Team: Atlanta Falcons
Years on this team: 2001 - 2008
League: NFL
Years Used: 2003-
ID Number: UN3460
Rank: #3576
Saved: 13 times

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   Jerseys in the database for Michael Vick
58388Vick, MichaelPhiladelphia EaglesNFLThird20107
7938Vick, MichaelAtlanta FalconsNFLDark2003-7
UN3460Vick, MichaelAtlanta FalconsNFLThird2003-7
UN3461Vick, MichaelAtlanta FalconsNFLLight2003-7
58189Vick, MichaelPhiladelphia EaglesNFLThird2003-7
UN3068Vick, MichaelAtlanta FalconsNFLDark1997-027
UN3069Vick, MichaelAtlanta FalconsNFLLight1997-027
48334Vick, MichaelPhiladelphia EaglesNFLLight1996-7
48335Vick, MichaelPhiladelphia EaglesNFLDark1996-7

  Other Atlanta Falcons jerseys available
Years UsedTypeCount  Years UsedTypeCount  
2009-Throwback67   2003-Dark138  
2003-Light139   2003-Third137  
1997-02Dark3   1997-02Light3  
1990-96Dark6   1990-96Light6  
1987-89Dark1   1987-89Light1  
1981-86Dark2   1981-86Light2  
1971-77Dark3   1971-77Light3  
1968-70Dark1   1968-70Light1  
1966-67Dark1   1966-67Light1  
Total: 515   

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