Jeremy Accardo
Born: December 18th, 1981
Team: Toronto Blue Jays
League: MLB
Years Used: 2008-
ID Number: UL6476
Rank: #15398
Saved: 4 times

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   Jerseys in the database for Jeremy Accardo
54750Accardo, JeremyToronto Blue JaysMLBLight2009-49
54768Accardo, JeremyToronto Blue JaysMLBThird2009-49
55068Accardo, JeremyToronto Blue JaysMLBDark2009-49
UL6476Accardo, JeremyToronto Blue JaysMLBThrowback2008-49
5464Accardo, JeremyToronto Blue JaysMLBLight2004-0849
UL6545Accardo, JeremyToronto Blue JaysMLBThird2004-0849
UL6647Accardo, JeremyToronto Blue JaysMLBDark2004-0749

   Toronto Blue Jays Hats

ID# Category Team League Type Years Used
830HatsToronto Blue JaysMLBCanada Day2008
233HatsToronto Blue JaysMLB2007 -
231HatsToronto Blue JaysMLB2004 -
232HatsToronto Blue JaysMLB2004 - 2005
230HatsToronto Blue JaysMLB2000 - 2003
229HatsToronto Blue JaysMLB1997 - 2002
234HatsToronto Blue JaysMLB1989 - 1996
235HatsToronto Blue JaysMLB1977 - 1993

  Other Toronto Blue Jays jerseys available
Years UsedTypeCount  Years UsedTypeCount  
2012-Dark1   2012-Light1  
2012-Third1   2009-Dark31  
2009-Light62   2009-Third62  
2008-Dark1   2008-Throwback76  
2004-08Light76   2004-08Third74  
2004-07Dark53   1996Canada Day14  
1989-96Light51   1981-88Dark128  
1979Dark39   1978Dark39  
Total: 745   

   Toronto Blue Jays jersey fronts
1685JerseysToronto Blue JaysMLBCanada Day2009
145JerseysToronto Blue JaysMLBRetro Alt.2008 -
1726JerseysToronto Blue JaysMLBBatting Practice2008 -
1853JerseysToronto Blue JaysMLBAway2008 -
143JerseysToronto Blue JaysMLBAlternate2004 -
144JerseysToronto Blue JaysMLBHome2004 -
1695JerseysToronto Blue JaysMLBHome1989 - 1996

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