Tony Amonte
Born: August 2nd, 1970
Team: New York Rangers
League: NHL
Years Used: 1991-92
ID Number: UL4439
Rank: #9024
Saved: 10 times

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 In 1991-92, all the Original Six teams wore throwback jerseys as part of the NHL's 75th season. The New York Rangers wore replicas of the jerseys they wore from 1935 to 1941.

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0323Amonte, TonyCalgary FlamesNHLDark2003-0710
1906Amonte, TonyChicago BlackhawksNHLThird1997-0710
U1960Amonte, TonyNHL All Star GameNHLDark199710
UL4439Amonte, TonyNew York RangersNHLThird1991-9233
11122Amonte, TonyChicago BlackhawksNHLLight1977-0710

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1998-99Third30   1997-07Dark17  
1996-98Third1   1991-92Third35  
1991-07Light8   1990-97Dark21  
1990-07Light26   1987-90Dark11  
1978-90Light2   1978-87Dark11  
1976-78Dark2   1976-78Light23  
1970-90Light27   1951-70Light14  
Total: 575   

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