Clint Malarchuk
Born: May 1st, 1961
Team: Fredericton Express
League: AHL
Years Used: 1981-88
ID Number: UL4306
Rank: #16803
Saved: 4 times

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   Jerseys in the database for Clint Malarchuk
UL029Malarchuk, ClintRochester AmericansAHLDark1989-0531
12401Malarchuk, ClintWashington CapitalsNHLLight1986-9530
12402Malarchuk, ClintWashington CapitalsNHLDark1986-9530
UL4306Malarchuk, ClintFredericton ExpressAHLDark1981-8830
UL4311Malarchuk, ClintFredericton ExpressAHLDark1981-881
UL4184Malarchuk, ClintRochester AmericansAHLLight1981-0531
12399Malarchuk, ClintQuebec NordiquesNHLLight1979-9130
12400Malarchuk, ClintQuebec NordiquesNHLDark1979-9130
12397Malarchuk, ClintBuffalo SabresNHLDark1978-9630
12398Malarchuk, ClintBuffalo SabresNHLLight1978-9630

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