Anssi Salmela
Born: August 13th, 1984
Team: New Jersey Devils
League: NHL
Years Used: 2007-
ID Number: UL1074
Rank: #19864
Saved: 1 times

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   Jerseys in the database for Anssi Salmela
62268Salmela, AnssiNew Jersey DevilsNHLSt. Patricks Day2010-1129
62804Salmela, AnssiAlbany DevilsAHLDark2010-20
62853Salmela, AnssiAlbany DevilsAHLLight2010-20
UL5510Salmela, AnssiAtlanta ThrashersNHLThird2008-1125
UL5508Salmela, AnssiAtlanta ThrashersNHLDark2007-1125
UL5509Salmela, AnssiAtlanta ThrashersNHLLight2007-1125
UL1070Salmela, AnssiNew Jersey DevilsNHLLight2007-34
UL1074Salmela, AnssiNew Jersey DevilsNHLDark2007-34
UL5277Salmela, AnssiNew Jersey DevilsNHLDark2007-25
UL5281Salmela, AnssiNew Jersey DevilsNHLLight2007-25
54053Salmela, AnssiNew Jersey DevilsNHLDark2007-29
54054Salmela, AnssiNew Jersey DevilsNHLLight2007-29

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Years UsedTypeCount  Years UsedTypeCount  
2010-11St. Patricks Day30   2007-Dark109  
2007-Light109   1992-07Dark59  
1992-07Light54   1982-92Dark175  
Total: 545   

   New Jersey Devils jersey fronts
1841JerseysNew Jersey DevilsNHLSt. Patricks Day2010
78JerseysNew Jersey DevilsNHLHome2007 -
79JerseysNew Jersey DevilsNHLAway2007 -
551JerseysNew Jersey DevilsNHLHome1992 - 2007
552JerseysNew Jersey DevilsNHLAway1992 - 2007
549JerseysNew Jersey DevilsNHLAway1982 - 1992
550JerseysNew Jersey DevilsNHLHome1982 - 1992

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