Mario Lemieux
Born: October 5th, 1965
Team: Pittsburgh Penguins
Years on this team: 1984 - 1997, 2000 - 2006
League: NHL
Years Used: 2002-07
ID Number: UC182
Rank: #1120
Saved: 35 times

   General information about this player
 Lemieux played for the Penguins between 1984-1997, he made his comeback in 2000 and played through the 2005-06 season.

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   Jerseys in the database for Mario Lemieux
UC182Lemieux, MarioPittsburgh PenguinsNHLLight2002-0766
U1514Lemieux, MarioTeam CanadaOlympicsLight200266
U1536Lemieux, MarioTeam CanadaOlympicsDark200266
U1558Lemieux, MarioTeam CanadaOlympicsThird200266
0287Lemieux, MarioPittsburgh PenguinsNHLDark2000-0766
UC649Lemieux, MarioWilkes-Barre/Scranton PenguinsAHLExhibition Game1999-0366
U1950Lemieux, MarioNHL All Star GameNHLLight199766
U1860Lemieux, MarioNHL All Star GameNHLLight199666
10900Lemieux, MarioPittsburgh PenguinsNHLDark1995-0266
12489Lemieux, MarioPittsburgh PenguinsNHLDark1992-9766
12488Lemieux, MarioPittsburgh PenguinsNHLLight1992-0266
11702Lemieux, MarioNHL All Star GameNHLLight199266
12194Lemieux, MarioNHL All Star GameNHLLight199066
12491Lemieux, MarioPittsburgh PenguinsNHLLight1989-9266
12233Lemieux, MarioNHL All Star GameNHLDark198966
0010Lemieux, MarioPittsburgh PenguinsNHLDark1988-9266
14238Lemieux, MarioNHL All Star GameNHLDark198866
4183Lemieux, MarioTeam CanadaCanada CupDark198766
UL117Lemieux, MarioTeam CanadaCanada CupLight198766
12751Lemieux, MarioNHL All Star GameNHLLight198666
12716Lemieux, MarioNHL All Star GameNHLDark198566

  Other Pittsburgh Penguins jerseys available
Years UsedTypeCount  Years UsedTypeCount  
2008-11Third78   2008Winter Classic24  
2007-Dark116   2007-Light118  
2002-07Light119   2000-07Dark120  
2000-07Third35   1995-02Dark59  
1992-97Dark6   1992-02Light36  
1989-92Light52   1988-92Dark58  
1977-80Dark50   1977-80Light50  
1970-73Light2   1968-73Dark3  
1968-70Light1   1967-68Dark12  
Total: 951   

   Pittsburgh Penguins jersey fronts
65JerseysPittsburgh PenguinsNHLWinter Classic2008
743JerseysPittsburgh PenguinsNHLThird2008 -
115JerseysPittsburgh PenguinsNHLAway2007 -
114JerseysPittsburgh PenguinsNHLHome2007 -
443JerseysPittsburgh PenguinsNHLHome2002 - 2007
442JerseysPittsburgh PenguinsNHLAway2000 - 2007
441JerseysPittsburgh PenguinsNHLAway1995 - 2002
440JerseysPittsburgh PenguinsNHLHome1992 - 2002
439JerseysPittsburgh PenguinsNHLAway1992 - 1997
438JerseysPittsburgh PenguinsNHLHome1988 - 1992
437JerseysPittsburgh PenguinsNHLHome1987 - 1988
435JerseysPittsburgh PenguinsNHLHome1986 - 1987
436JerseysPittsburgh PenguinsNHLAway1986 - 1992
434JerseysPittsburgh PenguinsNHLHome1984 - 1986
433JerseysPittsburgh PenguinsNHLAway1984 - 1986
432JerseysPittsburgh PenguinsNHLThird1984 - 1985
431JerseysPittsburgh PenguinsNHLThird1981 - 1984
430JerseysPittsburgh PenguinsNHLHome1980 - 1984
429JerseysPittsburgh PenguinsNHLAway1980 - 1984
428JerseysPittsburgh PenguinsNHLHome1977 - 1980
427JerseysPittsburgh PenguinsNHLAway1977 - 1980
426JerseysPittsburgh PenguinsNHLAway1975 - 1977
425JerseysPittsburgh PenguinsNHLHome1975 - 1977
424JerseysPittsburgh PenguinsNHLHome1974 - 1975
423JerseysPittsburgh PenguinsNHLAway1974 - 1975
420JerseysPittsburgh PenguinsNHLHome1973 - 1974
422JerseysPittsburgh PenguinsNHLAway1973 - 1974
444JerseysPittsburgh PenguinsNHLHome1972 - 1973
421JerseysPittsburgh PenguinsNHLAway1972 - 1973
419JerseysPittsburgh PenguinsNHLHome1968 - 1972
418JerseysPittsburgh PenguinsNHLAway1968 - 1972
417JerseysPittsburgh PenguinsNHLAway1967 - 1968
416JerseysPittsburgh PenguinsNHLHome1967 - 1968

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