Brett Favre
Born: October 10th, 1969
Team: New York Jets
Years on this team: 2008
League: NFL
Years Used: 1998-
ID Number: UB062
Rank: #594
Saved: 27 times

   General information about this player
 Brett was a 2nd round pick in the 1991 NFL Draft by the Atlanta Falcons out of Southern Mississippi. He was traded by the Falcons to the Packers for the Packers first round pick in the 1992 NFL Draft. He started the 4th game of the '92 NFL season and then started every game for the Packers until his retirement in 2008. Brett won Super Bowl XXXI vs. the New England Patriots, which was his only Super Bowl victory. He holds the NFL record for most: touchdown passes, passing yards, completions, attempts, interceptions, consecutive starts, victories as a starting QB.

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 Pro Football Hall of Fame

   Jerseys in the database for Brett Favre
51953Favre, BrettMinnesota VikingsNFLThird2008-4
U1006Favre, BrettPro BowlNFLDark20084
UB070Favre, BrettNew York JetsNFLThird2007-4
48466Favre, BrettMinnesota VikingsNFLLight2006-4
48467Favre, BrettMinnesota VikingsNFLDark2006-4
UB062Favre, BrettNew York JetsNFLDark1998-4
UB063Favre, BrettNew York JetsNFLLight1998-4
4329Favre, BrettGreen Bay PackersNFLDark1997-4
UN4152Favre, BrettGreen Bay PackersNFLLight1997-4
UN4339Favre, BrettGreen Bay PackersNFLThird19944
UB068Favre, BrettAtlanta FalconsNFLDark1990-964
UB069Favre, BrettAtlanta FalconsNFLLight1990-964

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Years UsedTypeCount  Years UsedTypeCount  
Throw.Dark14   Throw.Light14  
2009AFL Legacy Light56   2007-Third107  
1998-Dark164   1998-Light163  
1990-97Dark13   1990-97Light13  
Total: 544   

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