D. Baxter
Team: Arizona Diamondbacks
League: MLB
Years Used: 2007-
ID Number: UA1032
Rank: #16585
Saved: 4 times

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UA1031D. BaxterArizona DiamondbacksMLBLight2007-1
UA1032D. BaxterArizona DiamondbacksMLBThird2007-1
UA1033D. BaxterArizona DiamondbacksMLBThird2007-1

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ID# Category Team League Type Years Used
239HatsArizona DiamondbacksMLB2007 -
261HatsArizona DiamondbacksMLB2007 -

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Years UsedTypeCount  Years UsedTypeCount  
2007-Dark54   2007-Light97  
2007-Third58   2003-06Dark1  
2003-06Third1   2001-06Third1  
2001-06Alternate158   2001-02Dark8  
1999-02Third1   1998-06Dark1  
1998-06Light184   1998-06Light37  
1998-02Alternate13   1998-00Dark85  
1998-00Alternate12   1998Alternate48  
Total: 759   

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1717JerseysArizona DiamondbacksMLBBatting Practice2008 -
164JerseysArizona DiamondbacksMLBAlternate2007 -
165JerseysArizona DiamondbacksMLBAlternate2007 -
166JerseysArizona DiamondbacksMLBHome2007 -
167JerseysArizona DiamondbacksMLBAway2007 -
1779JerseysArizona DiamondbacksMLBAway2003 - 2006
1776JerseysArizona DiamondbacksMLBAway2003 - 2006
1775JerseysArizona DiamondbacksMLBAway2001 - 2002
1787JerseysArizona DiamondbacksMLBHome2001 - 2006
1780JerseysArizona DiamondbacksMLBAlternate2000 - 2006
1171JerseysArizona DiamondbacksMLBTurn Ahead the Clock1999
1774JerseysArizona DiamondbacksMLBAway1998 - 2000
1777JerseysArizona DiamondbacksMLBHome1998 - 2000
1778JerseysArizona DiamondbacksMLBAlternate1998 - 2002
1788JerseysArizona DiamondbacksMLBAlternate1998 - 2006
1789JerseysArizona DiamondbacksMLBAlternate1998 - 2000

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