Corey Perry
Team: Anaheim Ducks
League: NHL
Years Used: 2007-
ID Number: 9449
Rank: #161
Saved: 33 times

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   Jerseys in the database for Corey Perry
54402Perry, CoreyTeam CanadaOlympicsLight201024
54426Perry, CoreyTeam CanadaNHLDark201024
54946Perry, CoreyTeam CanadaIIHF WCDark201010
11682Perry, CoreyNHL All Star GameNHLLight200818
9449Perry, CoreyAnaheim DucksNHLDark2007-10
9474Perry, CoreyAnaheim DucksNHLLight2007-10
1206Perry, CoreyAnaheim DucksNHLDark2006-0710
5851Perry, CoreyAnaheim DucksNHLLight2006-0710
17470Perry, CoreyLondon KnightsOHLLight2003-94

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Years UsedTypeCount  Years UsedTypeCount  
2007-Dark131   2007-Light131  
2006-07Dark27   2006-07Light33  
Total: 322   

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80JerseysAnaheim DucksNHLHome2007 -
81JerseysAnaheim DucksNHLAway2007 -

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