Henrik Zetterberg
Born: October 9th, 1980
Team: Detroit Red Wings
League: NHL
Years Used: 2007-
ID Number: 9241
Rank: #128
Saved: 62 times

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   Jerseys in the database for Henrik Zetterberg
17345Zetterberg, HenrikDetroit Red WingsNHLWinter Classic200940
UL6722Zetterberg, HenrikDetroit Red WingsNHL4/21/2009200940
11689Zetterberg, HenrikNHL All Star GameNHLLight200840
9241Zetterberg, HenrikDetroit Red WingsNHLDark2007-40
9269Zetterberg, HenrikDetroit Red WingsNHLLight2007-40
1603Zetterberg, HenrikNHL All Star GameNHLDark200740
11909Zetterberg, HenrikTeam SwedenOlympicsLight200640
0934Zetterberg, HenrikDetroit Red WingsNHLLight1983-0740
4911Zetterberg, HenrikDetroit Red WingsNHLDark1983-0740

  Other Detroit Red Wings jerseys available
Years UsedTypeCount  Years UsedTypeCount  
20094/21/200920   2009Winter Classic20  
2007-Dark72   2007-Light70  
1993-07Light1   1991-92Third34  
1983-07Dark105   1983-07Light35  
1977-82Dark2   1973-82Light3  
1956-77Dark22   1956-73Light22  
1956-58Dark1   1956-58Light1  
1953-77Dark1   1937-56Dark7  
Total: 423   

   Detroit Red Wings jersey fronts
414JerseysDetroit Red WingsNHLWinter Classic2009
63JerseysDetroit Red WingsNHLHome2007 -
64JerseysDetroit Red WingsNHLAway2007 -
609JerseysDetroit Red WingsNHLChicago Stadium Commemorative1994
608JerseysDetroit Red WingsNHLNHL 75th Anniv.1991 - 1992
393JerseysDetroit Red WingsNHLHome1984 - 2007
607JerseysDetroit Red WingsNHLHome1983 - 1984
394JerseysDetroit Red WingsNHLAway1983 - 2007
605JerseysDetroit Red WingsNHLAway1982 - 1983
606JerseysDetroit Red WingsNHLHome1982 - 1983
602JerseysDetroit Red WingsNHLAway1973 - 1982
604JerseysDetroit Red WingsNHLHome1973 - 1982
603JerseysDetroit Red WingsNHLAway1956 - 1973
600JerseysDetroit Red WingsNHLHome1948 - 1973
601JerseysDetroit Red WingsNHLAway1948 - 1956
599JerseysDetroit Red WingsNHLHome1934 - 1948
597JerseysDetroit Red WingsNHLAway1934 - 1948
598JerseysDetroit Red WingsNHLHome/Away1932 - 1934

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