Ken Griffey Jr.
Team: Cincinnati Reds
League: MLB
Years Used: Modern
ID Number: 7322
Rank: #785
Saved: 17 times

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   Jerseys in the database for Ken Griffey Jr.
7322Griffey Jr., KenCincinnati RedsMLBLightModern3
13814Griffey Jr., KenSeattle MarinersMLBLightModern24
48374Griffey Jr., KenSeattle MarinersMLBThird2004-24
UK037Griffey Jr., KenSeattle MarinersMLBFuturistic199924
48158Griffey Jr., KenSeattle MarinersMLBThird1994-9624
UA1513Griffey Jr., KenChicago White SoxMLBLight1991-17
UA1514Griffey Jr., KenChicago White SoxMLBDark1991-17
UA1515Griffey Jr., KenChicago White SoxMLBThird1991-17
48157Griffey Jr., KenSeattle MarinersMLBDark1987-9224
48156Griffey Jr., KenSeattle MarinersMLBLight1987-9224

   Cincinnati Reds Hats

ID# Category Team League Type Years Used
244HatsCincinnati RedsMLB2007 -
246HatsCincinnati RedsMLB2000 -
245HatsCincinnati RedsMLB1999 -
243HatsCincinnati RedsMLB1967 - 1998

  Other Cincinnati Reds jerseys available
Years UsedTypeCount  Years UsedTypeCount  
Throw.Light33   ModernLight41  
2007-Light4   2000-06Dark1  
Total: 81   

   Cincinnati Reds jersey fronts
1708JerseysCincinnati RedsMLBBatting Practice2008 -
202JerseysCincinnati RedsMLBHome2007 -
1849JerseysCincinnati RedsMLBAlternate2005 - 2006
201JerseysCincinnati RedsMLBAlternate2003 -
1848JerseysCincinnati RedsMLBAlternate2003 - 2004
1847JerseysCincinnati RedsMLBAway1999 - 2006
1846JerseysCincinnati RedsMLBHome1999 - 2006
1850JerseysCincinnati RedsMLBAway1997
1698JerseysCincinnati RedsMLBHome1997
1699JerseysCincinnati RedsMLBAway1993 - 1998
1697JerseysCincinnati RedsMLBHome1993 - 1998
200JerseysCincinnati RedsMLBHome1972 - 1992

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