Max Scherzer
Team: Detroit Tigers
League: MLB
Years Used: 1934-
ID Number: 65025
Rank: #11031
Saved: 1 times

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   Jerseys in the database for Max Scherzer
12521Scherzer, MaxArizona DiamondbacksMLBLight2007-64
UA1084Scherzer, MaxArizona DiamondbacksMLBLight2007-39
UA1178Scherzer, MaxArizona DiamondbacksMLBThird2007-39
UA1131Scherzer, MaxArizona DiamondbacksMLBDark2007-39
65044Scherzer, MaxDetroit TigersMLBDark1998-37
65025Scherzer, MaxDetroit TigersMLBLight1934-37

   Detroit Tigers Hats

ID# Category Team League Type Years Used
223HatsDetroit TigersMLB1983 -
222HatsDetroit TigersMLB1922 -

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Years UsedTypeCount  Years UsedTypeCount  
Throw.Light1   ModernDark2  
ModernLight51   2004-Dark1  
1998-Dark19   1995-Dark10  
1974-Light1   1972-93Dark1  
1972-Light2   1934-Light31  
Total: 119   

   Detroit Tigers jersey fronts
1734JerseysDetroit TigersMLBBatting Practice2007 -
2133JerseysDetroit TigersMLBAway1998 -
1341JerseysDetroit TigersMLBAway1985 - 1993
1340JerseysDetroit TigersMLBAway1972 - 1984
207JerseysDetroit TigersMLBHome1934 -

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