Maury Edwards
Team: Rochester Americans
League: AHL
Years Used: 2009-
ID Number: 64837
Rank: #64705
Saved: 0 times

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   Jerseys in the database for Maury Edwards
64831Edwards, MauryRochester AmericansAHLDark2009-16
64837Edwards, MauryRochester AmericansAHLLight2009-16

  Other Rochester Americans jerseys available
Years UsedTypeCount  Years UsedTypeCount  
2009-Dark133   2009-Light133  
2007-09Dark66   2007-09Light66  
2006-07Dark41   2006-07Light38  
2005-06Dark43   2005-06Light44  
1995-06Third64   1989-05Dark90  
1981-89Dark38   1981-05Light122  
Total: 886   

   Rochester Americans jersey fronts
2064JerseysRochester AmericansAHLAway2009 -
2065JerseysRochester AmericansAHLHome2009 -
553JerseysRochester AmericansAHLHome2007 -
554JerseysRochester AmericansAHLAway2007 -

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