Ronny Turiaf
Team: Los Angeles Lakers
League: NBA
Years Used: Modern
ID Number: 6204
Rank: #703
Saved: 3 times

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   Jerseys in the database for Ronny Turiaf
6204Turiaf, RonnyLos Angeles LakersNBALightModern21
U6087Turiaf, RonnyGonzaga UniversityWCCDarkModern1
65432Turiaf, RonnyLos Angeles ClippersNBAThird2012-21
64483Turiaf, RonnyWashington WizardsNBALight2011-21
64484Turiaf, RonnyWashington WizardsNBADark2011-21
61653Turiaf, RonnyNew York KnicksNBAThrowback201114
65430Turiaf, RonnyLos Angeles ClippersNBALight2010-21
65431Turiaf, RonnyLos Angeles ClippersNBADark2010-21
60290Turiaf, RonnyNew York KnicksNBASt. Patrick's Day2006-1214
60288Turiaf, RonnyNew York KnicksNBALight2001-1214
60289Turiaf, RonnyNew York KnicksNBADark2001-1214
64957Turiaf, RonnyMiami HeatNBAThird2001-21
64955Turiaf, RonnyMiami HeatNBALight1999-21
64956Turiaf, RonnyMiami HeatNBADark1999-21

  Other Los Angeles Lakers jerseys available
Years UsedTypeCount  Years UsedTypeCount  
Throw.Dark1   Throw.Light3  
ModernDark3   ModernLight19  
2001-Third39   1999-Dark39  
1999-Light39   1978-99Dark13  
1978-99Light13   1972-78Dark5  
1972-78Light5   1972-73Dark1  
1966-72Dark4   1966-72Light4  
1960-66Dark3   1960-66Light3  
Total: 195   

   Los Angeles Lakers jersey fronts
1859JerseysLos Angeles LakersNBALatin Nights2009 - 24
1858JerseysLos Angeles LakersNBAThird2001 - 24
1856JerseysLos Angeles LakersNBAHome1999 - 24
1857JerseysLos Angeles LakersNBAAway1999 - 24
1979JerseysLos Angeles LakersNBAHome1978 - 1999 32
1980JerseysLos Angeles LakersNBAAway1978 - 1999 32
1985JerseysLos Angeles LakersNBAHome1972 - 1978 33
1986JerseysLos Angeles LakersNBAAway1972 - 1978 33
1983JerseysLos Angeles LakersNBAHome1966 - 1972 44
1984JerseysLos Angeles LakersNBAAway1966 - 1972 44
1982JerseysLos Angeles LakersNBAAway1960 - 1966 22
1981JerseysLos Angeles LakersNBAHome1960 - 1966 22

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