Kobe Bryant
Team: Los Angeles Lakers
League: NBA
Years Used: Modern
ID Number: 6192
Rank: #132
Saved: 33 times

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   Jerseys in the database for Kobe Bryant
6192Bryant, KobeLos Angeles LakersNBALightModern8
6194Bryant, KobeLos Angeles LakersNBALightModern24
64645Bryant, KobeNBA All Star GameNBAWest201224
65117Bryant, KobeTeam USAOlympicsLight201210
65118Bryant, KobeTeam USAOlympicsDark201210
61493Bryant, KobeNBA All Star GameNBAWest201124
55191Bryant, KobeLos Angeles LakersNBAThird2001-24
60995Bryant, KobeLos Angeles LakersNBAThird2001-8
55189Bryant, KobeLos Angeles LakersNBALight1999-24
55190Bryant, KobeLos Angeles LakersNBADark1999-24
60993Bryant, KobeLos Angeles LakersNBALight1999-8
60994Bryant, KobeLos Angeles LakersNBADark1999-8
60971Bryant, KobeLos Angeles LakersNBALight1978-998
60972Bryant, KobeLos Angeles LakersNBADark1978-998

  Other Los Angeles Lakers jerseys available
Years UsedTypeCount  Years UsedTypeCount  
Throw.Dark1   Throw.Light3  
ModernDark3   ModernLight19  
2001-Third39   1999-Dark39  
1999-Light39   1978-99Dark13  
1978-99Light13   1972-78Dark5  
1972-78Light5   1972-73Dark1  
1966-72Dark4   1966-72Light4  
1960-66Dark3   1960-66Light3  
Total: 195   

   Los Angeles Lakers jersey fronts
1859JerseysLos Angeles LakersNBALatin Nights2009 - 24
1858JerseysLos Angeles LakersNBAThird2001 - 24
1856JerseysLos Angeles LakersNBAHome1999 - 24
1857JerseysLos Angeles LakersNBAAway1999 - 24
1979JerseysLos Angeles LakersNBAHome1978 - 1999 32
1980JerseysLos Angeles LakersNBAAway1978 - 1999 32
1985JerseysLos Angeles LakersNBAHome1972 - 1978 33
1986JerseysLos Angeles LakersNBAAway1972 - 1978 33
1983JerseysLos Angeles LakersNBAHome1966 - 1972 44
1984JerseysLos Angeles LakersNBAAway1966 - 1972 44
1982JerseysLos Angeles LakersNBAAway1960 - 1966 22
1981JerseysLos Angeles LakersNBAHome1960 - 1966 22

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