Miikka Kiprusoff
Born: October 26th, 1976
Team: Calgary Flames
League: NHL
Years Used: 2011
ID Number: 61710
Rank: #6801
Saved: 6 times

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   Jerseys in the database for Miikka Kiprusoff
61710Kiprusoff, MiikkaCalgary FlamesNHLHeritage Classic201134
59045Kiprusoff, MiikkaCalgary FlamesNHLThird2010-34
48898Kiprusoff, MiikkaCalgary FlamesNHLThird2009-1034
9656Kiprusoff, MiikkaCalgary FlamesNHLDark2007-34
9678Kiprusoff, MiikkaCalgary FlamesNHLLight2007-34
1584Kiprusoff, MiikkaNHL All Star GameNHLDark200734
0148Kiprusoff, MiikkaCalgary FlamesNHLDark2003-0734

  Other Calgary Flames jerseys available
Years UsedTypeCount  Years UsedTypeCount  
2011Heritage Classic20   2010-Third47  
2009-10Third33   2009-Third2  
2007-Dark100   2007-Light101  
2003-07Dark27   2000-07Light2  
1998-06Dark2   1998-06Third3  
1995-00Dark2   1995-00Light2  
1980-94Dark12   1980-94Light10  
Total: 363   

   Calgary Flames jersey fronts
2009JerseysCalgary FlamesNHLHeritage Classic2011
1761JerseysCalgary FlamesNHL30th Anniversary2009 - 2010
88JerseysCalgary FlamesNHLHome2007 -
89JerseysCalgary FlamesNHLAway2007 -
1493JerseysCalgary FlamesNHLAway2003 - 2007
1492JerseysCalgary FlamesNHLHome2000 - 2007
1491JerseysCalgary FlamesNHLThird1998 - 2006
1489JerseysCalgary FlamesNHLAway1994 - 1999
1490JerseysCalgary FlamesNHLHome1994 - 1999
1475JerseysCalgary FlamesNHLAway1981 - 1994
1476JerseysCalgary FlamesNHLHome1980 - 1994
1474JerseysCalgary FlamesNHLAway1980 - 1981

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