Nicklas Backstrom
Born: November 23th, 1987
Team: Washington Capitals
League: NHL
Years Used: 2011
ID Number: 58424
Rank: #3956
Saved: 14 times

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   Jerseys in the database for Nicklas Backstrom
61469Backstrom, NicklasWashington CapitalsNHLThird2011-19
58424Backstrom, NicklasWashington CapitalsNHLWinter Classic201119
UL6879Backstrom, NicklasTeam SwedenIIHF WCThird200819
10126Backstrom, NicklasWashington CapitalsNHLDark2007-19
10147Backstrom, NicklasWashington CapitalsNHLLight2007-19

  Other Washington Capitals jerseys available
Years UsedTypeCount  Years UsedTypeCount  
2011-Third33   2011Winter Classic20  
2010-Third1   2007-Dark85  
2007-Light84   1997-07Dark46  
1995-07Light48   1995-00Dark11  
1986-95Dark61   1986-95Light13  
1977-86Dark6   1977-86Light1  
Total: 412   

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124JerseysWashington CapitalsNHLHome2007 -
125JerseysWashington CapitalsNHLAway2007 -
1616JerseysWashington CapitalsNHLAway1997 - 2007
1615JerseysWashington CapitalsNHLAway1995 - 1997
1614JerseysWashington CapitalsNHLHome1995 - 2000
1612JerseysWashington CapitalsNHLHome1985 - 1995
1613JerseysWashington CapitalsNHLAway1985 - 1995
1610JerseysWashington CapitalsNHLAway1983 - 1985
1611JerseysWashington CapitalsNHLHome1983 - 1985
1609JerseysWashington CapitalsNHLAway1980 - 1983
1608JerseysWashington CapitalsNHLHome1980 - 1983
1606JerseysWashington CapitalsNHLAway1974 - 1980
1607JerseysWashington CapitalsNHLHome1974 - 1980

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