Victor Abiamiri
Team: Philadelphia Eagles
League: NFL
Years Used: 2007
ID Number: 58354
Rank: #43420
Saved: 1 times

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   Jerseys in the database for Victor Abiamiri
58354Abiamiri, VictorPhiladelphia EaglesNFLThird200778
58133Abiamiri, VictorPhiladelphia EaglesNFLThird2003-78
58170Abiamiri, VictorPhiladelphia EaglesNFLThird2003-95
8839Abiamiri, VictorPhiladelphia EaglesNFLDark1996-78
15264Abiamiri, VictorPhiladelphia EaglesNFLLight1996-78
50752Abiamiri, VictorPhiladelphia EaglesNFLDark1996-95
50753Abiamiri, VictorPhiladelphia EaglesNFLLight1996-95

  Other Philadelphia Eagles jerseys available
Years UsedTypeCount  Years UsedTypeCount  
Throw.Dark3   2010Third51  
2007Third55   2003-Third176  
1996-Dark232   1996-Light230  
1985-96Dark11   1985-96Light10  
Total: 771   

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379JerseysPhiladelphia EaglesNFLLight1996 - 36
384JerseysPhiladelphia EaglesNFLLight1996 - 10
383JerseysPhiladelphia EaglesNFLLight1996 - 80
382JerseysPhiladelphia EaglesNFLLight1996 - 6
381JerseysPhiladelphia EaglesNFLLight1996 - 22
385JerseysPhiladelphia EaglesNFLLight1996 - 20
368JerseysPhiladelphia EaglesNFLDark1996 - 5
367JerseysPhiladelphia EaglesNFLDark1996 - 36
370JerseysPhiladelphia EaglesNFLDark1996 - 2
371JerseysPhiladelphia EaglesNFLDark1996 - 20
372JerseysPhiladelphia EaglesNFLDark1996 - 80
373JerseysPhiladelphia EaglesNFLDark1996 - 22
374JerseysPhiladelphia EaglesNFLDark1996 - 6
380JerseysPhiladelphia EaglesNFLLight1996 - 5
369JerseysPhiladelphia EaglesNFLDark1996 - 10

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