Pete Rose
Born: April 14th, 1941
Team: Philadelphia Phillies
Years on this team: 1979 - 1983
League: MLB
Years Used: 1973-82
ID Number: 5777
Rank: #209
Saved: 16 times

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   General information about this player
 Pete Rose wore the number 14 since he was born on April 14th, 1941. He wore it from the start of his career in 1963 till his retirement (on the Reds, Phillies and Expos.) No one has worn it since in Cincinnati.

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   Jerseys in the database for Pete Rose
7327Rose, PeteCincinnati RedsMLBLightThrow.14
15802Rose, PetePhiladelphia PhilliesMLBLight1984-9114
16878Rose, PetePhiladelphia PhilliesMLBDark198314
16922Rose, PetePhiladelphia PhilliesMLBLight198314
12906Rose, PeteMontreal ExposMLBDark1980-9114
17580Rose, PetePhiladelphia PhilliesMLBSaturday Night Special197914
16789Rose, PetePhiladelphia PhilliesMLBLight1976-8214
5777Rose, PetePhiladelphia PhilliesMLBDark1973-8214

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ID# Category Team League Type Years Used
831HatsPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB4th of July2008
277HatsPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB2008 -
278HatsPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB1997 - 2007
343HatsPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB1994
218HatsPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB1992 -
335HatsPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB1976
228HatsPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB1973 - 1991
334HatsPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB1950 - 1969
333HatsPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB1939 - 1941
332HatsPhiladelphia PhilliesMLB1915 - 1919

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2008-Alternate2   1992-Dark54  
1992-Light79   1992-Third1  
1992-Light6   1984-91Light79  
1984-88Dark75   1983Dark44  
1983Light44   1981St. Patricks Day2  
1979Saturday Night Special10   1976-82Light68  
1973-82Dark78   1950-69Light2  
1946-49Light1   1942-48Dark1  
Total: 602   

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