Leandro Barbosa
Team: Phoenix Suns
League: NBA
Years Used: 2000-
ID Number: 55212
Rank: #1728
Saved: 0 times

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   Jerseys in the database for Leandro Barbosa
4995Barbosa, LeandroPhoenix SunsNBAThirdModern10
60577Barbosa, LeandroToronto RaptorsNBAThird2008-20
60578Barbosa, LeandroToronto RaptorsNBASt. Patrick's Day2007-1120
64940Barbosa, LeandroIndiana PacersNBAThird2007-28
60575Barbosa, LeandroToronto RaptorsNBALight2006-20
60576Barbosa, LeandroToronto RaptorsNBADark2006-20
65194Barbosa, LeandroBoston CelticsNBASt. Patrick's Day2006-12
64938Barbosa, LeandroIndiana PacersNBALight2005-28
64939Barbosa, LeandroIndiana PacersNBADark2005-28
65191Barbosa, LeandroBoston CelticsNBALight2005-12
65192Barbosa, LeandroBoston CelticsNBADark2005-12
65193Barbosa, LeandroBoston CelticsNBAThird2005-12
55214Barbosa, LeandroPhoenix SunsNBAThird2003-10
55212Barbosa, LeandroPhoenix SunsNBALight2000-10
55213Barbosa, LeandroPhoenix SunsNBADark2000-10

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Years UsedTypeCount  Years UsedTypeCount  
Throw.Light1   ModernThird17  
2003-Third30   2000-Dark30  
Total: 108   

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1863JerseysPhoenix SunsNBALatin Nights2009 - 13
1862JerseysPhoenix SunsNBAThird2003 - 14
1860JerseysPhoenix SunsNBAHome2000 - 14
1861JerseysPhoenix SunsNBAAway2000 - 14

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