Steve Finley
Team: San Diego Padres
League: MLB
Years Used: 1991-03
ID Number: 54480
Rank: #9186
Saved: 1 times

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   Jerseys in the database for Steve Finley
UL7037Finley, SteveLos Angeles Angels of AnaheimMLBLight2005-0812
UL7089Finley, SteveLos Angeles Angels of AnaheimMLBDark2005-0812
UL7484Finley, SteveLos Angeles Angels of AnaheimMLBAlt Home2005-12
58674Finley, SteveArizona DiamondbacksMLBAlternate2001-0612
54484Finley, SteveSan Diego PadresMLBThird1998-0312
58885Finley, SteveArizona DiamondbacksMLBDark1998-0012
54488Finley, SteveSan Diego PadresMLBThird1997-0312
54480Finley, SteveSan Diego PadresMLBDark1991-0312
54476Finley, SteveSan Diego PadresMLBLight1991-0112

   San Diego Padres Hats

ID# Category Team League Type Years Used
281HatsSan Diego PadresMLB2006 -
279HatsSan Diego PadresMLB2004 -
280HatsSan Diego PadresMLB2004 -
282HatsSan Diego PadresMLB1980 - 1984
300HatsSan Diego PadresMLB1971
299HatsSan Diego PadresMLB1969 - 1973

  Other San Diego Padres jerseys available
Years UsedTypeCount  Years UsedTypeCount  
2008Camouflage30   2004-Dark7  
2004-Light47   2004-Third7  
2004-Alternate43   1998-03Third4  
1997-03Third4   1991-03Dark4  
1991-01Light4   1985-86Dark3  
1985-86Light3   1984Dark1  
1984Light1   1980-84Dark2  
1980-84Light2   1980-83Dark2  
1980-83Light2   1978Dark2  
1978Light2   1978Third2  
Total: 172   

   San Diego Padres jersey fronts
1715JerseysSan Diego PadresMLBBatting Practice2007 -
190JerseysSan Diego PadresMLBCamouflage2006 -
1252JerseysSan Diego PadresMLBAlternate2004 -
1251JerseysSan Diego PadresMLBAway2004 -
1250JerseysSan Diego PadresMLBHome2004 -
1245JerseysSan Diego PadresMLBAlternate2001 - 2003
1243JerseysSan Diego PadresMLBAlternate2000
1248JerseysSan Diego PadresMLBHome2000 - 2003
1244JerseysSan Diego PadresMLBAlternate1999
1185JerseysSan Diego PadresMLBTurn Ahead the Clock1999
1246JerseysSan Diego PadresMLBHome1999
1247JerseysSan Diego PadresMLBHome1998
1242JerseysSan Diego PadresMLBAlternate1997 - 1998
1240JerseysSan Diego PadresMLBHome1991 - 2000
1241JerseysSan Diego PadresMLBAway1991 - 2003
1239JerseysSan Diego PadresMLBAway1985 - 1990
1238JerseysSan Diego PadresMLBHome1985 - 1990
1237JerseysSan Diego PadresMLBHome1984
1236JerseysSan Diego PadresMLBAway1984
1234JerseysSan Diego PadresMLBHome1980 - 1983
1235JerseysSan Diego PadresMLBAway1980 - 1983
1233JerseysSan Diego PadresMLBHome1979
1232JerseysSan Diego PadresMLBAlternate1978
1231JerseysSan Diego PadresMLBAway1978
1230JerseysSan Diego PadresMLBHome1978

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