Kurt Warner
Born: June 22nd, 1971
Team: Arizona Cardinals
Years on this team: 2005 - 2009
League: NFL
Years Used: 2005-
ID Number: 4755
Rank: #370
Saved: 25 times

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   Jerseys in the database for Kurt Warner
4755Warner, KurtArizona CardinalsNFLDark2005-13
UN3377Warner, KurtArizona CardinalsNFLLight2005-13
UN5616Warner, KurtSt. Louis RamsNFLDark2002-13
UN5617Warner, KurtSt. Louis RamsNFLLight2002-13
UB162Warner, KurtNew York GiantsNFLDark2000-0413
UB163Warner, KurtNew York GiantsNFLLight2000-0413
UN5624Warner, KurtSt. Louis RamsNFLDark2000-0113
UN5625Warner, KurtSt. Louis RamsNFLLight2000-0113
UN5658Warner, KurtSt. Louis RamsNFLDark1995-9913
UN5659Warner, KurtSt. Louis RamsNFLLight1995-9913

  Other Arizona Cardinals jerseys available
Years UsedTypeCount  Years UsedTypeCount  
2010-Third53   2005-Dark134  
2005-Light135   1996-04Dark1  
1996-04Light1   1994-95Dark2  
1994-95Light2   1994Third2  
Total: 330   

   Arizona Cardinals jersey fronts
2185JerseysArizona CardinalsNFLDark2012 - 3
2186JerseysArizona CardinalsNFLLight2012 - 11
2187JerseysArizona CardinalsNFLThird2012 - 32

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