Hank Aaron
Born: February 5th, 1934
Team: Atlanta Braves
Years on this team: 1965 - 1974
League: MLB
Years Used: 1966-67
ID Number: 4593
Rank: #3048
Saved: 16 times

   General information about this player
 Ended his career as the all time home run leader with 755.
 Played for the Milwaukee Braves between 1954-65.
 Played for the Atlanta Braves between 1965-74.
 Played for the Milwaukee Brewers between 1975-76.

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14300Aaron, HankAtlanta BravesMLBLight1974-7544
14301Aaron, HankAtlanta BravesMLBDark1974-7544
48674Aaron, HankMilwaukee BrewersMLBDark1972-8444
4593Aaron, HankAtlanta BravesMLBLight1966-6744

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304HatsAtlanta BravesMLB1981 - 1986
305HatsAtlanta BravesMLB1972 - 1980

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2008-Third42   2008-Alternate1  
2006-Dark10   2006-Light11  
2005-Alternate Home6   1987-06Dark3  
1987-06Light3   1987-Dark50  
1987-Light79   1987-Light1  
1980-86Dark2   1974-75Dark1  
1974-75Light1   1966-67Light2  
Total: 212   

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