Jackie Robinson
Born: January 31st, 1919
Team: Brooklyn Dodgers
Years on this team: 1947 - 1956
League: MLB
Years Used: Throw.
ID Number: 4242
Rank: #400
Saved: 29 times

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   Jerseys in the database for Jackie Robinson
4242Robinson, JackieBrooklyn DodgersMLBLightThrow.42
UA395Robinson, JackieBrooklyn DodgersMLBDark195542

   Brooklyn Dodgers Hats

ID# Category Team League Type Years Used
352HatsBrooklyn DodgersMLB1938 - 1957
322HatsBrooklyn DodgersMLB1937
324HatsBrooklyn DodgersMLB1932
315HatsBrooklyn DodgersMLB1932 - 1936
323HatsBrooklyn DodgersMLB1926 - 1928
321HatsBrooklyn DodgersMLB1917 - 1922
319HatsBrooklyn DodgersMLB1913
318HatsBrooklyn DodgersMLB1912
320HatsBrooklyn DodgersMLB1912
317HatsBrooklyn DodgersMLB1902 - 1904
316HatsBrooklyn DodgersMLB1902 - 1911

  Other Brooklyn Dodgers jerseys available
Years UsedTypeCount  Years UsedTypeCount  
Throw.Dark1   Throw.Light4  
1955Dark32   1955Light31  
Total: 68   

   Brooklyn Dodgers jersey fronts
400JerseysBrooklyn DodgersMLBAlternate1944
399JerseysBrooklyn DodgersMLBAway1939 - 1945
354JerseysBrooklyn DodgersMLBHome1938 - 1957

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