Mark Janssens
Born: May 19th, 1968
Team: Hartford Whalers
League: NHL
Years Used: 1992-97
ID Number: 3659
Rank: #6882
Saved: 3 times

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   Jerseys in the database for Mark Janssens
3659Janssens, MarkHartford WhalersNHLDark1992-9722
3660Janssens, MarkHartford WhalersNHLLight1992-9722
UL4451Janssens, MarkNew York RangersNHLThird1991-9215

  Other Hartford Whalers jerseys available
Years UsedTypeCount  Years UsedTypeCount  
1992-97Dark117   1992-97Light113  
1985-92Dark23   1985-92Light12  
1979-85Dark12   1979-85Light4  
Total: 281   

   Hartford Whalers jersey fronts
1522JerseysHartford WhalersNHLHome1992 - 1997
1521JerseysHartford WhalersNHLAway1992 - 1997
1520JerseysHartford WhalersNHLAway1991 - 1992
1519JerseysHartford WhalersNHLHome1991 - 1992
1518JerseysHartford WhalersNHLAway1990 - 1991
1517JerseysHartford WhalersNHLHome1990 - 1991
1516JerseysHartford WhalersNHLHome1989 - 1990
1515JerseysHartford WhalersNHLAway1989 - 1990
1514JerseysHartford WhalersNHLHome1985 - 1989
362JerseysHartford WhalersNHLAway1985 - 1989
1513JerseysHartford WhalersNHLHome1979 - 1985
1512JerseysHartford WhalersNHLAway1979 - 1985

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