Josh Howard
Team: Dallas Mavericks
League: NBA
Years Used: Modern
ID Number: 3579
Rank: #1673
Saved: 6 times

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   Jerseys in the database for Josh Howard
3579Howard, JoshDallas MavericksNBADarkModern5
64437Howard, JoshUtah JazzNBAThird2011-8
64435Howard, JoshUtah JazzNBALight2010-8
64436Howard, JoshUtah JazzNBADark2010-8
65491Howard, JoshMinnesota TimberwolvesNBALight2010-5
65492Howard, JoshMinnesota TimberwolvesNBADark2010-5
65493Howard, JoshMinnesota TimberwolvesNBAThird2010-5
60627Howard, JoshWashington WizardsNBALight1997-115
60628Howard, JoshWashington WizardsNBADark1997-115

  Other Dallas Mavericks jerseys available
Years UsedTypeCount  Years UsedTypeCount  
ModernDark16   2011-Third25  
2010-Dark33   2009-11Third21  
2001-10Dark13   2001-Light37  
Total: 145   

   Dallas Mavericks jersey fronts
2102JerseysDallas MavericksNBAThird2011 - 41
1925JerseysDallas MavericksNBAAway2010 - 41
1891JerseysDallas MavericksNBAThird2009 - 2011 41
1892JerseysDallas MavericksNBALatin Nights2009 - 2011 41
1889JerseysDallas MavericksNBAHome2001 - 41
1890JerseysDallas MavericksNBAAway2001 - 2010 41

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