Daniel Briere
Born: October 6th, 1977
Team: Buffalo Sabres
Years on this team: 2003 - 2007
League: NHL
Years Used: 2006-07
ID Number: 3392
Rank: #2558
Saved: 14 times

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   Jerseys in the database for Daniel Briere
63770Briere, DanielPhiladelphia FlyersNHLWinter Classic201248
59001Briere, DanielPhiladelphia FlyersNHLLight2010-48
51818Briere, DanielPhiladelphia FlyersNHLThird2009-1048
51805Briere, DanielPhiladelphia FlyersNHLDark2009-48
17182Briere, DanielPhiladelphia FlyersNHLThird2008-0948
9119Briere, DanielPhiladelphia FlyersNHLLight2007-1048
9095Briere, DanielPhiladelphia FlyersNHLDark2007-0948
17459Briere, DanielPhiladelphia PhantomsAHLDark2007-48
17460Briere, DanielPhiladelphia PhantomsAHLLight2007-48
1565Briere, DanielNHL All Star GameNHLLight200748
3392Briere, DanielBuffalo SabresNHLDark2006-0748
0270Briere, DanielBuffalo SabresNHLThird2006-0748
UL1801Briere, DanielBuffalo SabresNHLLight2006-0748
UL5017Briere, DanielBuffalo SabresNHL4/6/03200348
UC1158Briere, DanielBuffalo SabresNHLThird2000-0648
UC1240Briere, DanielBuffalo SabresNHLLight1996-0648
UC1326Briere, DanielBuffalo SabresNHLDark1996-0648

  Other Buffalo Sabres jerseys available
Years UsedTypeCount  Years UsedTypeCount  
2010-Dark47   2010-Light47  
2008-10Third42   2008Light22  
2007-10Dark57   2007-10Light58  
2006-07Dark34   2006-07Light34  
2006-07Third34   20034/6/0320  
2000-06Third75   1996-06Dark109  
1996-06Light112   1978-96Dark307  
1978-96Light303   1977-78Dark29  
1977-78Light29   1970-77Dark120  
Total: 1599   

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1922JerseysBuffalo SabresNHLAway2010 -
1923JerseysBuffalo SabresNHLThird2010 -
392JerseysBuffalo SabresNHLThird2008 -
86JerseysBuffalo SabresNHLHome2007 -
87JerseysBuffalo SabresNHLAway2007 -
1073JerseysBuffalo SabresNHLAway1978 - 1996
1075JerseysBuffalo SabresNHLHome1978 - 1996
1074JerseysBuffalo SabresNHLAway1970 - 1978
1076JerseysBuffalo SabresNHLHome1970 - 1978

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