David Riske
Team: Milwaukee Brewers
League: MLB
Years Used: 2000-
ID Number: 15502
Rank: #28176
Saved: 2 times

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   Jerseys in the database for David Riske
7412Riske, DavidKansas City RoyalsMLBLightModern54
15539Riske, DavidMilwaukee BrewersMLBHome Alternate2006-54
15441Riske, DavidMilwaukee BrewersMLBLight2000-54
15465Riske, DavidMilwaukee BrewersMLBDark2000-54
15502Riske, DavidMilwaukee BrewersMLBThird2000-54

   Milwaukee Brewers Hats

ID# Category Team League Type Years Used
266HatsMIlwaukee BrewersMLB2006 -
267HatsMIlwaukee BrewersMLB2000 -

  Other Milwaukee Brewers jerseys available
Years UsedTypeCount  Years UsedTypeCount  
2006-Alternate3   2006-Alternate Home1  
2006-Home Alternate40   2000-Dark44  
2000-Light63   2000-Third40  
2000-Light3   2000-Third3  
1997-99Dark3   1997-99Light3  
1997-99Third3   1994-96Dark1  
1994-96Light1   1994-96Third1  
Total: 215   

   Milwaukee Brewers jersey fronts
1835JerseysMilwaukee BrewersMLBAlternate2010 -
1719JerseysMilwaukee BrewersMLBBatting Practice2007 -
157JerseysMilwaukee BrewersMLBRetro Alt.2006 -
158JerseysMilwaukee BrewersMLBAway2000 -
156JerseysMilwaukee BrewersMLBHome2000 -
155JerseysMilwaukee BrewersMLBAlternate2000 -
1170JerseysMilwaukee BrewersMLBTurn Ahead the Clock1999
154JerseysMilwaukee BrewersMLBAway1995 - 1997
153JerseysMilwaukee BrewersMLBHome1995 - 1997
152JerseysMilwaukee BrewersMLBHome1978 - 1989
151JerseysMilwaukee BrewersMLBAway1972 - 1977
150JerseysMilwaukee BrewersMLBHome1972 - 1977

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