Sparky the Dragon
Team: New York Islanders
League: NHL
Years Used: 1998-07
ID Number: 14679
Rank: #14054
Saved: 9 times

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   Jerseys in the database for Sparky the Dragon
14678Sparky the DragonNew York IslandersNHLDark2007-100
14679Sparky the DragonNew York IslandersNHLDark1998-070

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Years UsedTypeCount  Years UsedTypeCount  
2010-Dark54   2010-Light54  
2008-10Third58   2007-10Dark69  
2007-10Light68   1998-07Dark33  
1998-07Light7   1995-98Dark92  
1995-98Light92   1984-95Dark31  
1984-95Light29   1984-94Dark1  
1984-94Light1   1978-84Dark14  
1978-84Light5   1977-84Light6  
1977-78Dark4   1973-77Dark3  
1973-77Light3   1972-73Dark1  
Total: 626   

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108JerseysNew York IslandersNHLHome2007 -
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1677JerseysNew York IslandersNHLThird2002 - 2007
1676JerseysNew York IslandersNHLAway1998 - 2007
1675JerseysNew York IslandersNHLHome1998 - 2007
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1674JerseysNew York IslandersNHLAway1984 - 1995
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1670JerseysNew York IslandersNHLHome1977 - 1984
1671JerseysNew York IslandersNHLAway1977 - 1978
1669JerseysNew York IslandersNHLHome1976 - 1977
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1668JerseysNew York IslandersNHLAway1972 - 1977

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