Charlie Simmer
Born: March 20th, 1954
Team: Cleveland Barons
League: NHL
Years Used: 1976-77
ID Number: 14296
Rank: #18435
Saved: 5 times

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   Jerseys in the database for Charlie Simmer
14839Simmer, CharlieNHL All Star GameNHLDark198410
13435Simmer, CharlieNHL All Star GameNHLLight198111
14296Simmer, CharlieCleveland BaronsNHLLight1976-7717

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Years UsedTypeCount  Years UsedTypeCount  
1976-77Dark2   1976-77Light23  
Total: 25   

   Cleveland Barons jersey fronts
1496JerseysCleveland BaronsNHLAway1977 - 1978
1497JerseysCleveland BaronsNHLHome1977 - 1978
1494JerseysCleveland BaronsNHLHome1976 - 1977
1495JerseysCleveland BaronsNHLAway1976 - 1977

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