Brian Bruney
Team: New York Yankees
League: MLB
Years Used: Modern
ID Number: 14085
Rank: #31791
Saved: 2 times

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   Jerseys in the database for Brian Bruney
5427Bruney, BrianNew York YankeesMLBLightModern33
14085Bruney, BrianNew York YankeesMLBDarkModern33
58637Bruney, BrianArizona DiamondbacksMLBAlternate2001-0630
58638Bruney, BrianArizona DiamondbacksMLBAlternate2001-0639
58787Bruney, BrianArizona DiamondbacksMLBLight1998-0630
58788Bruney, BrianArizona DiamondbacksMLBLight1998-0639
58789Bruney, BrianArizona DiamondbacksMLBLight1998-0639
58790Bruney, BrianArizona DiamondbacksMLBLight1998-0650

   New York Yankees Hats

ID# Category Team League Type Years Used
219HatsNew York YankeesMLB1913 -

  Other New York Yankees jerseys available
Years UsedTypeCount  Years UsedTypeCount  
Throw.Light20   ModernDark50  
ModernLight81   ModernDark3  
ModernLight4   2007-Batting Practice1  
1999Light1   1976-Dark2  
1973-Dark5   1951Dark2  
1951Light2   1939Light1  
1938Dark2   1938Light2  
Total: 184   

   New York Yankees jersey fronts
1720JerseysNew York YankeesMLBBatting Practice (Road)2009 -
1701JerseysNew York YankeesMLBHome (Bobby Murcer memorial)2008
1566JerseysNew York YankeesMLBBatting Practice (Home)2007 -
1702JerseysNew York YankeesMLBHome1990
216JerseysNew York YankeesMLBAway1973 -
215JerseysNew York YankeesMLBHome1936 -

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