Ken Griffey Jr.
Team: Seattle Mariners
League: MLB
Years Used: Modern
ID Number: 13814
Rank: #341
Saved: 32 times

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   Jerseys in the database for Ken Griffey Jr.
7322Griffey Jr., KenCincinnati RedsMLBLightModern3
13814Griffey Jr., KenSeattle MarinersMLBLightModern24
48374Griffey Jr., KenSeattle MarinersMLBThird2004-24
UK037Griffey Jr., KenSeattle MarinersMLBFuturistic199924
48158Griffey Jr., KenSeattle MarinersMLBThird1994-9624
UA1513Griffey Jr., KenChicago White SoxMLBLight1991-17
UA1514Griffey Jr., KenChicago White SoxMLBDark1991-17
UA1515Griffey Jr., KenChicago White SoxMLBThird1991-17
48157Griffey Jr., KenSeattle MarinersMLBDark1987-9224
48156Griffey Jr., KenSeattle MarinersMLBLight1987-9224

   Seattle Mariners Hats

ID# Category Team League Type Years Used
283HatsSeattle MarinersMLB1993 -
301HatsSeattle MarinersMLB1981 - 1986
302HatsSeattle MarinersMLB1977 - 1980

  Other Seattle Mariners jerseys available
Years UsedTypeCount  Years UsedTypeCount  
Throw.Light1   ModernLight44  
2004-Third6   2004-Alternate3  
2001-Dark1   1999Futuristic1  
1998Futuristic1   1994-96Third1  
1993-Light8   1987-92Dark1  
Total: 68   

   Seattle Mariners jersey fronts
1728JerseysSeattle MarinersMLBBatting Practice2009 -
175JerseysSeattle MarinersMLBAlternate2004 -
1280JerseysSeattle MarinersMLBAway2001 -
177JerseysSeattle MarinersMLBAway2001 -
1174JerseysSeattle MarinersMLBTurn Ahead the Clock1999
1279JerseysSeattle MarinersMLBAlternate1998 - 1999
174JerseysSeattle MarinersMLBAlternate1994
1281JerseysSeattle MarinersMLBAway1993 - 2000
176JerseysSeattle MarinersMLBHome1993 -
1278JerseysSeattle MarinersMLBHome1993 -
1276JerseysSeattle MarinersMLBHome1987 - 1992
1277JerseysSeattle MarinersMLBAway1987 - 1992
1275JerseysSeattle MarinersMLBAway1985 - 1986
1271JerseysSeattle MarinersMLBAway1981 - 1984
1272JerseysSeattle MarinersMLBHome1981 - 1986
1273JerseysSeattle MarinersMLBHome1979 - 1980
1274JerseysSeattle MarinersMLBAway1979 - 1980
1270JerseysSeattle MarinersMLBAway1978
1268JerseysSeattle MarinersMLBHome1977 - 1978
1269JerseysSeattle MarinersMLBAway1977

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