Rick Dempsey
Team: Baltimore Orioles
League: MLB
Years Used: 1973-88
ID Number: 13278
Rank: #523
Saved: 2 times

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   Jerseys in the database for Rick Dempsey
13278Dempsey, RickBaltimore OriolesMLBDark1973-8824
5017Dempsey, RickBaltimore OriolesMLBLight1972-8824

   Baltimore Orioles Hats

ID# Category Team League Type Years Used
260HatsBaltimore OriolesMLB2005 -
259HatsBaltimore OriolesMLB2002 -
238HatsBaltimore OriolesMLB1989 -
330HatsBaltimore OriolesMLB1975 - 1976
331HatsBaltimore OriolesMLB1975 - 1988
292HatsBaltimore OriolesMLB1966 -
327HatsBaltimore OriolesMLB1963
328HatsBaltimore OriolesMLB1963 - 1965
329HatsBaltimore OriolesMLB1958 - 1962

  Other Baltimore Orioles jerseys available
Years UsedTypeCount  Years UsedTypeCount  
Throw.Dark3   Throw.Light6  
ModernThird36   2009-Dark30  
2009-Light30   2009-Third30  
2005-08Third1   2002-03Light1  
1995-08Dark2   1995-08Light2  
1995-Dark37   1995-Light62  
1975-83Third3   1973-88Dark69  
1972-88Light68   1971-88Light1  
Total: 382   

   Baltimore Orioles jersey fronts
1730JerseysBaltimore OriolesMLBBatting Practice (Road)2009 -
1729JerseysBaltimore OriolesMLBBatting Practice (Home)2009 -
1583JerseysBaltimore OriolesMLBAlternate2009 -
187JerseysBaltimore OriolesMLBAlternate2005 -
188JerseysBaltimore OriolesMLBHome2004 -
189JerseysBaltimore OriolesMLBAway2002 -
1175JerseysBaltimore OriolesMLBTurn Ahead the Clock1999
1259JerseysBaltimore OriolesMLBAlternate1987 - 1988
1258JerseysBaltimore OriolesMLBAlternate1978 - 1983
1257JerseysBaltimore OriolesMLBAway1973 - 1988
1256JerseysBaltimore OriolesMLBAway1972
1255JerseysBaltimore OriolesMLBAway1971
1254JerseysBaltimore OriolesMLBHome1971 - 1988
1253JerseysBaltimore OriolesMLBAlternate1971

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