Mike Piazza
Team: Los Angeles Dodgers
League: MLB
Years Used: 1972-98
ID Number: 12943
Rank: #443
Saved: 12 times

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   Jerseys in the database for Mike Piazza
UP304Piazza, MikeSan Diego PadresMLBLight2004-33
48625Piazza, MikeNew York MetsMLBLight200131
48487Piazza, MikeNew York MetsMLBThird199931
48506Piazza, MikeNew York MetsMLBThird199931
48524Piazza, MikeNew York MetsMLBLight199931
48611Piazza, MikeNew York MetsMLBRoad Throwback199931
U6126Piazza, MikeNew York MetsMLBThird1998-31
U6127Piazza, MikeNew York MetsMLBThird1998-31
U6128Piazza, MikeNew York MetsMLBDark1998-31
48219Piazza, MikeNew York MetsMLBLight1995-9831
12942Piazza, MikeNew York MetsMLBLight1995-31
7246Piazza, MikeOakland AthleticsMLBLight1994-31
UU253Piazza, MikeFlorida MarlinsMLBLight1993-0231
UU254Piazza, MikeFlorida MarlinsMLBThird1993-0231
UU255Piazza, MikeFlorida MarlinsMLBThird1993-0231
UU256Piazza, MikeFlorida MarlinsMLBDark1993-0231
12943Piazza, MikeLos Angeles DodgersMLBLight1972-9831

   Los Angeles Dodgers Hats

ID# Category Team League Type Years Used
265HatsLos Angeles DodgersMLB1958 -

  Other Los Angeles Dodgers jerseys available
Years UsedTypeCount  Years UsedTypeCount  
2007-Dark3   2007-Light27  
2007-Dark3   2007-Light3  
2005-06Dark1   2005-06Light46  
1999-04Dark4   1999-04Light4  
1999Third2   1999Alternate1  
1999Third9   1977-98Dark4  
1972-98Light5   1972-98Light1  
Total: 118   

   Los Angeles Dodgers jersey fronts
2057JerseysLos Angeles DodgersMLBThrowback2011
1704JerseysLos Angeles DodgersMLBBatting Practice2009 -
1814JerseysLos Angeles DodgersMLBHome2007 - 99
1813JerseysLos Angeles DodgersMLBHome2007 - 58
1812JerseysLos Angeles DodgersMLBHome2007 - 55
1811JerseysLos Angeles DodgersMLBHome2007 - 51
1810JerseysLos Angeles DodgersMLBHome2007 - 27
1809JerseysLos Angeles DodgersMLBHome2007 - 23
1808JerseysLos Angeles DodgersMLBHome2007 - 22
1807JerseysLos Angeles DodgersMLBHome2007 - 18
1806JerseysLos Angeles DodgersMLBHome2007 - 16
1805JerseysLos Angeles DodgersMLBHome2007 - 15
1804JerseysLos Angeles DodgersMLBHome2007 - 13
1803JerseysLos Angeles DodgersMLBHome2007 - 9
1802JerseysLos Angeles DodgersMLBHome2007 - 7
169JerseysLos Angeles DodgersMLBAway2005 -
168JerseysLos Angeles DodgersMLBHome2005 -
1703JerseysLos Angeles DodgersMLBAlternate1999

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