Larry Bird
Team: Team USA
League: Olympics
Years Used: 1992
ID Number: 11859
Rank: #257
Saved: 27 times

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 According to international rules players could only wear numbers between 1 and 15, so nearly everyone on the team was required to pick a new number (with the exception of John Stockton who kept his number 12.)
The following is the roster and squad numbers:
NBA #USA #Player
-4Christian Laettner
505David Robinson
336Patrick Ewing
337Larry Bird
338Scottie Pippen
239Michael Jordan
2210Clyde Drexler
3211Karl Malone
1212John Stockton
1713Chris Mullin
3414Charles Barkley
3215Magic Johnson

 The original Dream Team, the USA stormed the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona and took the gold medal. The closest game was the Final where the US beat Croatia 117-85.

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61177Bird, LarryBoston CelticsNBALight1972-0533
61178Bird, LarryBoston CelticsNBADark1972-0533

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