John Tavares
Team: Buffalo Bandits
League: NLL
Years Used: Modern
ID Number: 11022
Rank: #1171
Saved: 14 times

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11022Tavares, JohnBuffalo BanditsNLLDarkModern11
UG072Tavares, JohnOshawa GeneralsOHLDarkModern91
55747Tavares, JohnNew York IslandersNHLLight2010-91
58955Tavares, JohnNew York IslandersNHLDark2010-91
54951Tavares, JohnTeam CanadaIIHF WCDark201020
UL7940Tavares, JohnNew York IslandersNHLThird2008-1091
UF211Tavares, JohnTeam CanadaWJHCDark200820
UL7938Tavares, JohnNew York IslandersNHLDark2007-1091
UL7939Tavares, JohnNew York IslandersNHLLight2007-1091
17478Tavares, JohnLondon KnightsOHLLight2003-61

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