Marc Bureau
Born: May 19th, 1966
Team: Minnesota North Stars
League: NHL
Years Used: 1988-91
ID Number: 10663
Rank: #24657
Saved: 4 times

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   Jerseys in the database for Marc Bureau
UL2892Bureau, MarcMontreal CanadiensNHLLight1997-0728
10663Bureau, MarcMinnesota North StarsNHLDark1988-9111
UL2930Bureau, MarcMontreal CanadiensNHLLight1977-9728
UL2905Bureau, MarcMontreal CanadiensNHLDark1977-0728

  Other Minnesota North Stars jerseys available
Years UsedTypeCount  Years UsedTypeCount  
1988-91Dark42   1988-91Light5  
1968-75Dark20   1967-75Light27  
Total: 111   

   Minnesota North Stars jersey fronts
499JerseysMinnesota North StarsNHLHome1991 - 1993
498JerseysMinnesota North StarsNHLAway1991 - 1993
497JerseysMinnesota North StarsNHLAway1988 - 1991
496JerseysMinnesota North StarsNHLAway1984 - 1988
495JerseysMinnesota North StarsNHLAway1983 - 1984
494JerseysMinnesota North StarsNHLHome1981 - 1991
493JerseysMinnesota North StarsNHLHome1979 - 1981
492JerseysMinnesota North StarsNHLAway1978 - 1983
491JerseysMinnesota North StarsNHLHome1978 - 1979
490JerseysMinnesota North StarsNHLHome1975 - 1978
489JerseysMinnesota North StarsNHLAway1975 - 1978
488JerseysMinnesota North StarsNHLHome1972 - 1975
486JerseysMinnesota North StarsNHLAway1970 - 1972
487JerseysMinnesota North StarsNHLAway1968 - 1975
485JerseysMinnesota North StarsNHLAway1967 - 1970
484JerseysMinnesota North StarsNHLHome1967 - 1968
483JerseysMinnesota North StarsNHLHome1967

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