Vincent Lecavalier
Born: April 21st, 1980
Team: Tampa Bay Lightning
League: NHL
Years Used: 2007-11
ID Number: 10098
Rank: #73
Saved: 52 times

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 Tampa Bay was awarded a team as part of the 1992 NHL expansion. The Lightning was one of two teams that took the ice for the first time during the 1992-93 season, the other was the Ottawa Senators.

   Jerseys in the database for Vincent Lecavalier
62501Lecavalier, VincentTampa Bay LightningNHLDark2011-4
62506Lecavalier, VincentTampa Bay LightningNHLLight2011-4
17391Lecavalier, VincentNHL All Star GameNHLDark20094
17215Lecavalier, VincentTampa Bay LightningNHLThird2008-4
11664Lecavalier, VincentNHL All Star GameNHLDark20084
10098Lecavalier, VincentTampa Bay LightningNHLDark2007-114
10111Lecavalier, VincentTampa Bay LightningNHLLight2007-114
1575Lecavalier, VincentNHL All Star GameNHLLight20074
U1447Lecavalier, VincentTeam CanadaOlympicsLight200640
U1469Lecavalier, VincentTeam CanadaOlympicsThird200640
U1491Lecavalier, VincentTeam CanadaOlympicsDark200640
0567Lecavalier, VincentTampa Bay LightningNHLDark2001-074
11340Lecavalier, VincentTampa Bay LightningNHLLight2001-074
11412Lecavalier, VincentTampa Bay LightningNHLThird1996-998

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Years UsedTypeCount  Years UsedTypeCount  
2011-Dark30   2011-Light30  
2008-Third99   2007-11Dark106  
2007-11Light107   2001-07Dark28  
2001-07Light3   1996-99Third3  
1995-01Dark1   1995-01Light1  
1993-94Dark1   1993-94Light1  
Total: 412   

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2060JerseysTampa Bay LightningNHLHome2011 -
2061JerseysTampa Bay LightningNHLAway2011 -
753JerseysTampa Bay LightningNHLThird2008 -
120JerseysTampa Bay LightningNHLHome2007 -
121JerseysTampa Bay LightningNHLAway2007 -
1641JerseysTampa Bay LightningNHLThird1996 - 1999
1639JerseysTampa Bay LightningNHLHome1992 - 2007
1640JerseysTampa Bay LightningNHLAway1992 - 2007

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