Peter Stastny
Born: September 18th, 1956
Team: Quebec Nordiques
League: NHL
Years Used: 1979-91
ID Number: 0693
Rank: #99
Saved: 25 times

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   Jerseys in the database for Peter Stastny
UL4278Stastny, PeterSt. Louis BluesNHLDark1995-9826
UL4279Stastny, PeterSt. Louis BluesNHLLight1995-9826
UL4274Stastny, PeterNew Jersey DevilsNHLLight1992-0726
UL4275Stastny, PeterNew Jersey DevilsNHLDark1992-0726
14249Stastny, PeterNHL All Star GameNHLDark198826
12757Stastny, PeterNHL All Star GameNHLLight198625
4163Stastny, PeterTeam CanadaCanada CupDark198426
14822Stastny, PeterNHL All Star GameNHLLight198427
UL098Stastny, PeterTeam CanadaCanada CupLight198426
12802Stastny, PeterNHL All Star GameNHLLight198326
3510Stastny, PeterNew Jersey DevilsNHLDark1982-9226
10752Stastny, PeterNew Jersey DevilsNHLDark1982-9229
UL4276Stastny, PeterNew Jersey DevilsNHLLight1982-9229
UL4277Stastny, PeterNew Jersey DevilsNHLLight1982-9226
13378Stastny, PeterNHL All Star GameNHLLight198226
13437Stastny, PeterNHL All Star GameNHLLight198126
0693Stastny, PeterQuebec NordiquesNHLDark1979-9126
10872Stastny, PeterQuebec NordiquesNHLDark1979-9126
11280Stastny, PeterQuebec NordiquesNHLLight1979-9126
UL4271Stastny, PeterQuebec NordiquesNHLLight1979-9126

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Years UsedTypeCount  Years UsedTypeCount  
1991-95Dark89   1991-95Light89  
1979-91Dark242   1979-91Light242  
Total: 662   

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395JerseysQuebec NordiquesNHLAway1980 - 1995
396JerseysQuebec NordiquesNHLHome1980 - 1995

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