Dustin Brown
Born: November 4th, 1984
Team: Los Angeles Kings
Years on this team: 2003 - 2004, 2005 -
League: NHL
Years Used: 1999-07
ID Number: 0439
Rank: #62
Saved: 22 times

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   Jerseys in the database for Dustin Brown
62488Brown, DustinLos Angeles KingsNHLLight2011-23
63244Brown, DustinLos Angeles KingsNHLDark2011-23
63560Brown, DustinLos Angeles KingsNHLThird2011-23
58602Brown, DustinLos Angeles KingsNHLThrowback2010-1123
61342Brown, DustinLos Angeles KingsNHLThrowback2010-23
54179Brown, DustinTeam USAOlympicsThird201032
17427Brown, DustinNHL All Star GameNHLLight200924
UL4025Brown, DustinLos Angeles KingsNHLDark2008-1123
UL4790Brown, DustinLos Angeles KingsNHLThird2008-1123
14600Brown, DustinTeam USAIIHF WCThird200823
9913Brown, DustinLos Angeles KingsNHLLight2007-1123
9889Brown, DustinLos Angeles KingsNHLDark2007-0823
0439Brown, DustinLos Angeles KingsNHLThird1999-0723

  Other Los Angeles Kings jerseys available
Years UsedTypeCount  Years UsedTypeCount  
2011-Dark26   2011-Light26  
2011-Third26   2010-11Throwback20  
2010-Throwback32   2008-11Dark75  
2008-11Third58   2007-11Light92  
2007-08Dark33   2003-04Vintage Dark1  
2003-04Vintage Light1   2002Gretzky 99 Retirement20  
1999-07Dark1   1999-07Light1  
1999-07Third35   1998-07Dark3  
1998-07Light3   1995-96Third3  
1992-96Dark4   1992-96Light5  
1988-92Dark7   1988-92Light7  
1980-88Dark2   1980-88Light2  
1977-80Dark2   1970-79Light5  
1969-77Dark2   1967-68Dark10  
Total: 512   

   Los Angeles Kings jersey fronts
2032JerseysLos Angeles KingsNHLThrowback2010 - 2011
750JerseysLos Angeles KingsNHLThird2008 -
102JerseysLos Angeles KingsNHLHome2007 -
103JerseysLos Angeles KingsNHLAway2007 -
740JerseysLos Angeles KingsNHLVintage Third2003 - 2004
739JerseysLos Angeles KingsNHLVintage Third2003 - 2004
737JerseysLos Angeles KingsNHLThird2002 - 2007
738JerseysLos Angeles KingsNHLGretzky 99 Retirement2002
736JerseysLos Angeles KingsNHLHome2002 - 2007
735JerseysLos Angeles KingsNHLAway2002 - 2007
734JerseysLos Angeles KingsNHLThird1999 - 2002
733JerseysLos Angeles KingsNHLAway1998 - 2002
732JerseysLos Angeles KingsNHLHome1998 - 2002
731JerseysLos Angeles KingsNHLThird1995 - 1996
730JerseysLos Angeles KingsNHLAway1988 - 1998
729JerseysLos Angeles KingsNHLHome1988 - 1998
728JerseysLos Angeles KingsNHLHome1980 - 1988
727JerseysLos Angeles KingsNHLAway1980 - 1988
725JerseysLos Angeles KingsNHLHome1973 - 1980
726JerseysLos Angeles KingsNHLAway1973 - 1980
724JerseysLos Angeles KingsNHLHome1971 - 1973
722JerseysLos Angeles KingsNHLHome1969 - 1971
723JerseysLos Angeles KingsNHLAway1969 - 1973
720JerseysLos Angeles KingsNHLAway1967 - 1969
721JerseysLos Angeles KingsNHLHome1967 - 1969

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