Mark Messier
Born: January 18th, 1961
Team: Edmonton Oilers
League: NHL
Years Used: 1979-96
ID Number: 0277
Rank: #50
Saved: 44 times

   General information about this player
 The Best of The Best.
 Only player to win the Stanley Cup as captain for 2 different teams.
 Messier's #11 was retired by both the Rangers and the Oilers

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   Jerseys in the database for Mark Messier
UF011Messier, MarkNHL All Star GameNHLLight200411
1872Messier, MarkVancouver CanucksNHLDark2003-0711
1873Messier, MarkVancouver CanucksNHLLight2003-0711
11276Messier, MarkNew York RangersNHLThird2003-0411
11277Messier, MarkNew York RangersNHLThird2003-0411
1224Messier, MarkNew York RangersNHLThird1999-0711
0012Messier, MarkNew York RangersNHLDark1997-0711
U1952Messier, MarkNHL All Star GameNHLLight199711
U1864Messier, MarkNHL All Star GameNHLLight199611
U1626Messier, MarkNHL All Star GameNHLLight199411
11711Messier, MarkNHL All Star GameNHLLight199211
11279Messier, MarkNew York RangersNHLThird1991-9211
4205Messier, MarkTeam CanadaCanada CupDark199111
12161Messier, MarkNHL All Star GameNHLLight199111
UL140Messier, MarkTeam CanadaCanada CupLight199111
11278Messier, MarkNew York RangersNHLDark1990-9711
0725Messier, MarkNew York RangersNHLLight1990-0711
12219Messier, MarkNHL All Star GameNHLDark199011
12261Messier, MarkNHL All Star GameNHLLight198911
14221Messier, MarkNHL All Star GameNHLLight198811
4184Messier, MarkTeam CanadaCanada CupDark198711
UL119Messier, MarkTeam CanadaCanada CupLight198711
12776Messier, MarkNHL All Star GameNHLDark198611
4160Messier, MarkTeam CanadaCanada CupDark198411
14833Messier, MarkNHL All Star GameNHLDark198411
UL095Messier, MarkTeam CanadaCanada CupLight198411
12818Messier, MarkNHL All Star GameNHLDark198311
13220Messier, MarkNHL All Star GameNHLDark198211
0277Messier, MarkEdmonton OilersNHLDark1979-9611
1874Messier, MarkEdmonton OilersNHLLight1979-9611
16722Messier, MarkIndianapolis RacersWHALight1977-7818
16723Messier, MarkIndianapolis RacersWHADark1977-7818

  Other Edmonton Oilers jerseys available
Years UsedTypeCount  Years UsedTypeCount  
2011-Light32   2009-11Light55  
2009-Dark71   2009-Third70  
2008-09Dark36   2008-09Light35  
2008-09Third34   2007-08Dark29  
2007-08Light29   1996-97Light1  
1996-07Dark39   1979-96Dark16  
Total: 463   

   Edmonton Oilers jersey fronts
715JerseysEdmonton OilersNHLThird2008 -
100JerseysEdmonton OilersNHLHome2007 -
101JerseysEdmonton OilersNHLAway2007 -
1684JerseysEdmonton OilersNHLThird2001 - 2007

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