Mats Sundin
Born: February 13th, 1971
Team: Toronto Maple Leafs
League: NHL
Years Used: 2000-07
ID Number: 0149
Rank: #68
Saved: 26 times

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 The font used for the lettering on these jerseys is a form of Gill Sans Bold.

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   Jerseys in the database for Mats Sundin
UL4868Sundin, MatsVancouver CanucksNHLThird2008-13
9000Sundin, MatsToronto Maple LeafsNHLDark2007-1013
9036Sundin, MatsToronto Maple LeafsNHLLight2007-1013
UL4866Sundin, MatsVancouver CanucksNHLDark2007-13
UL4867Sundin, MatsVancouver CanucksNHLLight2007-13
11906Sundin, MatsTeam SwedenOlympicsLight200613
UF012Sundin, MatsNHL All Star GameNHLLight200413
11297Sundin, MatsToronto Maple LeafsNHLThird200213
0149Sundin, MatsToronto Maple LeafsNHLDark2000-0713
11290Sundin, MatsToronto Maple LeafsNHLLight2000-0713
11291Sundin, MatsToronto Maple LeafsNHLThird2000-0713
11295Sundin, MatsToronto Maple LeafsNHLLight1997-0013
11296Sundin, MatsToronto Maple LeafsNHLDark1997-0013
U1979Sundin, MatsNHL All Star GameNHLDark199713
11294Sundin, MatsToronto Maple LeafsNHLThird1996-9713
U1893Sundin, MatsNHL All Star GameNHLDark199613
11292Sundin, MatsToronto Maple LeafsNHLLight1992-9713
11293Sundin, MatsToronto Maple LeafsNHLDark1992-9713
0689Sundin, MatsQuebec NordiquesNHLDark1991-9513
11288Sundin, MatsQuebec NordiquesNHLLight1991-9513
11287Sundin, MatsQuebec NordiquesNHLLight1979-9113
11289Sundin, MatsQuebec NordiquesNHLDark1979-9113

  Other Toronto Maple Leafs jerseys available
Years UsedTypeCount  Years UsedTypeCount  
2011-Third30   2010-Dark44  
2010-Light44   2008-11Third78  
2007-10Dark91   2007-10Light90  
2002Third11   2000-07Dark39  
2000-07Light10   2000-07Third10  
1997-00Dark4   1997-00Light4  
1996-97Third2   1992-97Dark6  
1992-97Light6   1991-92Third45  
1986-87Dark1   1986-87Light1  
1978-92Dark87   1978-92Light88  
1970-78Dark3   1970-78Light3  
1967-70Dark17   1967-70Light17  
1962-67Dark5   1962-67Light4  
1958-62Dark4   1958-62Light4  
1948-58Dark5   1948-58Light5  
1938-65Dark2   1938-48Light1  
1937-38Light1   1934-38Dark1  
Total: 763   

   Toronto Maple Leafs jersey fronts
2099JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLThird2011 -
2028JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLAway2010 -
2027JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLHome2010 -
714JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLThird2008 -
76JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLHome2007 -
77JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLAway2007 -
471JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHL75th Anniv.2002
464JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLHome2000 - 2007
469JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLVintage Third2000 - 2007
463JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLAway2000 - 2007
465JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLThird1998 - 1999
467JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLHome1997 - 2000
468JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLAway1997 - 2000
466JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLVintage1996 - 1997
462JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLHome1992 - 1997
461JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLAway1992 - 1997
470JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLNHL 75th Anniv.1991 - 1992
459JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLHome1976 - 1992
460JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLAway1976 - 1992
457JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLAway1970 - 1976
458JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLHome1970 - 1976
456JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLAway1967 - 1970
455JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLHome1967 - 1970
454JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLHome1965 - 1967
453JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLHome1963 - 1965
452JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLAway1963 - 1967
450JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLHome1958 - 1963
451JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLAway1958 - 1963
449JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLHome1948 - 1958
448JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLHome1945 - 1948
447JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLAway1938 - 1945
446JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLHome1938 - 1958
477JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLAway1937 - 1938
475JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLHome1937 - 1938
480JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLAway1936 - 1937
476JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLHome1934 - 1937
479JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLAway1933 - 1936
474JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLHome1933 - 1934
478JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLAway1932 - 1933
472JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLHome1930 - 1933
473JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLHome1927 - 1930
482JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLHome/Away1927
481JerseysToronto Maple LeafsNHLAway1927 - 1932

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