Ron Hextall
Born: May 3rd, 1964
Team: Philadelphia Flyers
Years on this team: 1986 - 1992, 1994 - 1999
League: NHL
Years Used: 1982-07
ID Number: 0034
Rank: #117
Saved: 31 times

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   Jerseys in the database for Ron Hextall
11479Hextall, RonPhiladelphia FlyersNHLThird1997-0727
0720Hextall, RonQuebec NordiquesNHLDark1991-9527
12012Hextall, RonQuebec NordiquesNHLLight1991-9527
14235Hextall, RonNHL All Star GameNHLDark198827
4192Hextall, RonTeam CanadaCanada CupDark198727
UL127Hextall, RonTeam CanadaCanada CupLight198727
7107Hextall, RonHershey BearsAHLDark1986-9227
UL4222Hextall, RonHershey BearsAHLLight1986-9227
12003Hextall, RonNew York IslandersNHLDark1984-9572
12004Hextall, RonNew York IslandersNHLLight1984-9572
13439Hextall, RonBrandon Wheat KingsWHLLight1983-8430
0034Hextall, RonPhiladelphia FlyersNHLLight1982-0727
10599Hextall, RonPhiladelphia FlyersNHLDark1982-0127

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Years UsedTypeCount  Years UsedTypeCount  
2012Winter Classic19   2010-Light44  
2010-Third1   2010Winter Classic20  
2009-10Third35   2009-Dark63  
2008-09Third37   2007-10Light86  
2007-09Dark68   2002-07Third2  
1997-07Third21   1982-83Dark1  
1982-83Light1   1982-07Light111  
1982-01Dark43   1977-82Dark2  
1973-75Dark10   1972-82Light2  
1970-77Dark30   1970-72Light1  
1967-70Dark60   1967-70Light60  
Total: 717   

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2101JerseysPhiladelphia FlyersNHLWinter Classic2012
1753JerseysPhiladelphia FlyersNHLWinter Classic2010
746JerseysPhiladelphia FlyersNHLHome2008 -
59JerseysPhiladelphia FlyersNHLThird2007 -
60JerseysPhiladelphia FlyersNHLHome2007 -
357JerseysPhiladelphia FlyersNHLThird2002 - 2007
356JerseysPhiladelphia FlyersNHLHome1997 - 2007
49JerseysPhiladelphia FlyersNHLAway1982 - 2001
355JerseysPhiladelphia FlyersNHLHome1982 - 2007
360JerseysPhiladelphia FlyersNHLHome1981 - 1982
361JerseysPhiladelphia FlyersNHLAway1981 - 1982
359JerseysPhiladelphia FlyersNHLHome1967 - 1981
358JerseysPhiladelphia FlyersNHLAway1967 - 1981

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