iPhone/iPod Touch Wallpaper Maker

wallpapers generated so's the latest one:

Here you can create wallpapers for your iPhone or iPod Touch, simply select the player's jersey you would like to use and fill in the form below with the proper ID number. Wallpapers are generated as .PNG files, 320 x 480 pixels (the standard size used). Once your image has been generated simply save it to your desktop and upload via iTunes as usual. Alternately, if you are using your iPhone or iPod to view this page simply press and hold the generated image and you will be given an option to save it, you can then set it via Settings/Wallpaper.Additionally there are a number of NHL jersey wallpapers located here

Select the background you would like to use (mouse over to see larger version):

Enter the ID number from the Jersey Database for the jersey you would like to use:
Preclude jersey fronts/hats with a T, ie T2, T23, etc.

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