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4306Young, SteveSan Francisco 49ersNFLDarkThrow.8
US1246Young, SteveLos Angeles ExpressUSFLDark1983-848
US1247Young, SteveLos Angeles ExpressUSFLLight1983-848
US1438Young, SteveLos Angeles ExpressUSFLDark19858
US1439Young, SteveLos Angeles ExpressUSFLLight19858
UN4785Young, SteveSan Francisco 49ersNFLDark1996-088
UN4786Young, SteveSan Francisco 49ersNFLLight1996-088
UN4866Young, SteveSan Francisco 49ersNFLLightThrow.8
UN5183Young, SteveTampa Bay BuccaneersNFLDark1982-968
UN5184Young, SteveTampa Bay BuccaneersNFLLight1982-908

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