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4450Wright, DavidNew York MetsMLBLight1995-5
UF091Wright, DavidNew York MetsMLBThird20065
14376Wright, DavidNew York MetsMLBThird1997-5
14413Wright, DavidNew York MetsMLBDark1995-5
14450Wright, DavidNew York MetsMLBThird1998-5
UP033Wright, DavidMLB All Star GameMLBBatting Practice20085
UQ009Wright, DavidTeam USAWBCLight20094
UQ010Wright, DavidTeam USAWBCLight20094
UU063Wright, DavidMLB All Star GameMLBBatting Practice20065
UU320Wright, DavidNew York MetsMLBBatting Practice2007-5
48349Wright, DavidNew York MetsMLBHome Throwback20095
53945Wright, DavidNew York MetsMLBLight2010-5
65080Wright, DavidNew York MetsMLBLight2012-5

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