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53934Asiata, MattUniversity of UtahMtn WestDarkModern4
53935Beadles, ZaneUniversity of UtahMtn WestDarkModern68
UA1889Brown, FreddieUniversity of UtahMtn WestDarkModern88
UA1699Godfrey, BradonUniversity of UtahMtn WestDark2008-81
53981Johnson, RobertUniversity of UtahMtn WestDarkModern17
UA1771Kruger, PaulUniversity of UtahMtn WestDarkModern11
UA1890McCain, BriceUniversity of UtahMtn WestDarkModern1
53936Misi, KoaUniversity of UtahMtn WestDarkModern41
53937Reed, DavidUniversity of UtahMtn WestDarkModern16
UA1717Smith, SeanUniversity of UtahMtn WestDarkModern4
54902Stanford, R.J.University of UtahMtn WestDarkModern25
53938Sylvester, StevensonUniversity of UtahMtn WestDarkModern10

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