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UW208Abromaitis, TimUniversity of Notre DameBig EastBlack2006-0921
UW189Andree, TimUniversity of Notre DameBig EastBlack2006-0941
UW190Ayers, RyanUniversity of Notre DameBig EastBlack2006-0942
UA1849Bruton, DavidUniversity of Notre DameIA IndependentsDarkModern27
UW191Carter, RussellUniversity of Notre DameBig EastBlack2006-0943
48926Clausen, JimmyUniversity of Notre DameIA IndependentsDarkModern7
UW192Falls, ColinUniversity of Notre DameBig EastBlack2006-0915
48927Floyd, MichaelUniversity of Notre DameIA IndependentsDarkModern3
UW206Hansbrough, BenUniversity of Notre DameBig EastBlack2006-0922
UW193Harangody, LukeUniversity of Notre DameBig EastBlack2006-0944
UW194Harden, JoeUniversity of Notre DameBig EastBlack2006-0911
UW195Hillesland, ZachUniversity of Notre DameBig EastBlack2006-0933
UW196Jackson, ToryUniversity of Notre DameBig EastBlack2006-092
UW201Kopko, TomUniversity of Notre DameBig EastBlack2006-095
UW197Kurz, RobUniversity of Notre DameBig EastBlack2006-0931
UW207Martin, ScottUniversity of Notre DameBig EastBlack2006-0914
UW202McAlarney, KyleUniversity of Notre DameBig EastBlack2006-0923
53883McCarthy, KyleUniversity of Notre DameIA IndependentsDarkModern28
UE009Montana, JoeUniversity of Notre DameIA IndependentsDarkThrow.3
UW203Nash, TyroneUniversity of Notre DameBig EastBlack2006-091
53884Olsen, EricUniversity of Notre DameIA IndependentsDarkModern55
UW198Peoples, JonathanUniversity of Notre DameBig EastBlack2006-0920
UW199Piller, KieranUniversity of Notre DameBig EastBlack2006-0935
UW204Proffitt, TyUniversity of Notre DameBig EastBlack2006-0913
UE010Quinn, BradyUniversity of Notre DameIA IndependentsDarkModern10
UW205Scott, CarletonUniversity of Notre DameBig EastBlack2006-0934
52993Tate, GoldenUniversity of Notre DameIA IndependentsDarkModern23
UA1707Young, SamUniversity of Notre DameIA IndependentsDarkModern74
UW200Zeller, LukeUniversity of Notre DameBig EastBlack2006-0940

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