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UA1838Adkins, SpencerUniversity of MiamiACCDarkModern48
53853Epps, DedrickUniversity of MiamiACCDarkModern18
53753Fox, JasonUniversity of MiamiACCDarkModern64
53854Graham, JimmyUniversity of MiamiACCDarkModern80
53855James, JavarrisUniversity of MiamiACCDarkModern5
UA1746Johnson, BruceUniversity of MiamiACCDarkModern22
UA1555Lewis, RayUniversity of MiamiACCDark199552
UA1747Moncur, EricUniversity of MiamiACCDarkModern94
53856Sharpton, DarrylUniversity of MiamiACCDarkModern50

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