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52980Asamoah, JonUniversity of IllinoisBig TenDarkModern52
UA1785Benn, ArreliousUniversity of IllinoisBig TenDarkModern9
UA1597Davis, VontaeUniversity of IllinoisBig TenDarkModern1
UA1748Davis, WillUniversity of IllinoisBig TenDarkModern81
UA1824Fulton, XavierUniversity of IllinoisBig TenDarkModern68
53824Hoomanawanui, MichaelUniversity of IllinoisBig TenDarkModern16
59943Leshoure, MikelUniversity of IllinoisBig TenDarkModern5
62452Liuget, CoreyUniversity of IllinoisBig TenDarkModern93
U1912Mendenhall, RashardUniversity of IllinoisBig TenDarkModern5
UA1749Walker, DerekUniversity of IllinoisBig TenDarkModern91
UA1052Williams, JuiceUniversity of IllinoisBig TenDarkModern7

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